Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Bucket List

A year and a half ago I create my to-do list. Never too early to create your list. Do you have one?

Here is mine! Completed list and to do list. The list is always growing too! You would be surprised how much you actually get out and do when you create a list!

Marathon (OC Marathon 5/6/12)

Half Marathon (Santa Cruz Half Marathon 4/12/12)
Golden Gate Bridge - Walk across
Travel outside the United States
Sushi - Make your own (Sashimi)
Run a 5k (Warrior Dash)Germany - Visit family
See it snow in another country
Skydiving (x3)
Helicopter ride - Hawaii
Bobsledding - Austria
Hawaii (x2)
Tough Mudder - Tahoe
Spartan Super Mudder
Cliff jumping - Hawaii
Swim with Sea Turtles (Hawaii)
Mardi Gras - Mississippi
Grand Canyon - Arizona
Bungee jumping - Tahoe
Zipline - Hawaii
Indoor skydiving
Ride dirtbike in snow

Go to the movies alone
Go to dinner alone
Run Wharf to Wharf (Santa Cruz to Capitola)
Abalone Diving
Boston Marathon
Fitness Competition
Napa wine tasting
Learn sign language
Bear hunting
Northern Lights
Spain - Run with the bulls
Seattle - Pikes Market
Train Dinner - Bank Robber
Mount Rushmore
Niagara Falls
Hike Halfdome Yosemite
Swim with Sharks
100 Top Hikes in Norcal
Whale watching
Sail under the Golden Gate Bridge
Become Firefighter
Hot air balloon ride
Marlin fishing
Boston - Watch a Boston Celtics game
Run a Marathon, Half Marathon or Mud Run in all 50 states
Run a Marathon in another country
Yellowstone Natural Hot Springs- Wyoming
Snowboard in another country


  1. Pretty sweet! Check this site out:

  2. Looks like we gotta get you outta the country again!