Wednesday, June 6, 2012

The journey starts.....

Over the last few weeks I have been thinking of finding an avenue to share my thoughts, interactions, experiences, cool things I come across, motivations, recipes and somewhere to just let these crazy thoughts run wild. What better way then to throw this all up on a blog revolving around living and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. The power behind health and fitness is truly amazing and I really want to share my experience! I have always been into fitness but never really focused on the health aspect.....until 3 years ago.

3 years ago I decided I needed to make a change. I had someone close to me living with Chrons Disease, a gastro intestinal auto-immune disease, and I unfortunately watched them go from an active collegiate athlete to being bed ridden in extreme pain. Barely able to get out of bed, her life had diminished right before all our eyes. I myself, although not sick, was living a similar lifestyle. I wasn't living, I was merely existing. I was out of shape and not happy with who Herb was. It was time to start living!!!

I started off by getting back in the gym. I wasn't focused so much on diet at this point but focused more on  making that first step. I spent many early mornings (430am) on the stair climber and treadmill. I realized after a few months of feeling better physically yet no change in my physical appearance that I needed to alter my diet. I went a little extreme and stuck to proteins, complex carbs and green veggies. By extreme I mean I was very strict and limited on what I ate. I was by no means eating a diverse healthy lifestyle. This lead to a weight loss of 40lbs in 5 months but quickly spun back out of control and I rebounded back and gained 20lbs of it back. I was not preparing myself for living a healthy life. For the next year I slacked off with the gym and my eating habits. It wasn't till about a year and a half ago that something clicked inside me and I decided I wanted to change it all up! I wanted to LIVE! I decided it was time to live my dash instead of just existing. Not only did I get back in the gym and start eating a diverse healthy diet but I also started to travel. I had to step out of my bubble. I never realized what was in-store for me! I am not the same Herb that I was 3 years ago!

In this blog I want to share my new found love of life, my journeys, motivations, amazing (healthy) recipes I have found/modified. I recently also entered a physique competition and never expected what I was about to teach myself. Health and fitness has change my life and I want to share as much of it as I can. If I can inspire just one person this will all be worth it.

Last but not least, I have frequently have people asking me for help, guidance, ideas for food or questions about items in the health and fitness world. I do not know everything but I'm happy to answer any questions the best I can!! If you want me to post about something let me know, who knows, someone else might be wondering the same thing. Take what I share along with your own research and find what works best for you. 

Let the fun begin!!!

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